Alternative Therapy

10 Alternative Therapy options for Fibromyalgia

Acupuncture for Muscle Pain:

Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese practice of inserting needles into the skin to treat what ails us.  Some Acupuncturists also use electrical currents in their practice.

I have not personally tried this because it’s not covered by my insurance.   I have spoken to people with Fibromyalgia who have gotten relief from Acupuncture, especially with headaches and sleep disturbances.

Chiropractic Care for Muscle Pain:

Chiropractors focus on the misalignment of the spine and how it disrupts the neurological communications between your brain and our bodies. In layman’s terms, when the spine is properly aligned, everything falls into place and functions properly.

If your spine is misaligned, your muscles aren’t lying properly on your body and your nerves become aggravated. This can cause pain.

I’ve discussed chiropractic care at length in various posts.  I am a huge supporter of chiropractics and think every Fibromyalgia patient should try it.  For some tips on finding the right chiropractor, read my article Help the Symptoms of Chronic Muscle Pain.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety & Depression:

Cognitive Behavioral therapy believes the way we think impacts how we feel and what we do.  It is especially good for people with Fibromyalgia because it focuses on figuring out what our triggers are and retrains the brain to stop acting negatively to those triggers.

Having suffered from panic attacks and anxiety since childhood, I spent many years in my early twenties doing cognitive behavioral therapy.  I can personally attest to the success I had with it.

When I entered therapy I was experiencing panic attacks multiple times a day and could barely leave the house. Upon my completion, my panic attacks and anxiety were under control and I was able to lead a normal life.

Deep Breathing for Relaxation & Muscle Pain:

Deep breathing is a technique that is closely related to meditation.  Its primary purpose is to relax the mind and body.  Fibromyalgia is essentially a nervous system malfunction where our fight or flight response is always active.  Deep breathing helps to calm our fight or flight response and forces our bodies into the mode of rest and relaxation.

I have received great benefit from Deep Breathing Exercises.  I am currently working on creating a video demonstrating different Deep Breathing Techniques to post on my YouTube page Helping Fibromyalgia.  Sign up for my HF emails and you’ll be alerted when this video is added to my page.

Detox for overall healing?:

Detox includes various fasting techniques, colonics, enemas, ingesting different herbal compounds or supplements in order to “cleanse” the body and rid it of all toxins.

I have known people who swear by these techniques and do them every 3-6 months.  I personally think detox is a scary and can do more harm than good.  Our bodies are are under a lot of stress dealing our nervous system malfunctioning.  The last thing our bodies need is to take away its fuel source by eliminating food and suffer from severe diarrhea for days on end to clean everything out.   I’m just sayin…

Emotional and Spiritual healing for metal and physical well being:

Statistics show that over 80% of women with Fibromyalgia were sexually or physically abused in their lives.  We also know that most Fibromyalgia patients experienced some sort of traumatic event at the onset of their symptoms.  On top of that, Fibromyalgia is often accompanied with depression and anxiety.  We could use some emotional and spiritual healing.

I follow a blog on called Freedom From Fibro where the author chronicles her personal journey of healing with a healer name Viviane.   Read her blog for her experience with emotional and spiritual healing.

Stroga for Muscle Pain:


Stroga is a program I created which is a combination of traditional stretches and yoga techniques. This program will quickly reduce your chronic pain.

Without a doubt my Stroga Routine has changed my life.  I can exercise, garden, bike ride, paint, fold laundry and more without going in muscle spasm because of my daily Stroga routine.  Visit my YouTube Channel | Helping Fibromyalgia to view my free instructional videos.  I am adding more weekly.  Sign up for my HF email to find out when new videos are released.

Meditation for Relaxation, Better Sleep & Muscle Pain:

Meditation is when a person trains their mind to relax their body through various techniques that include imagery, deep breathing and chanting.  This works for people with Fibromyalgia for the same reasons as Deep Breathing.  It takes our bodies out of fight and flight and into rest and recovery.

I personally have seen great benefit from Meditation.  I decided to have someone guide me through my meditation.  I use Andrew Johnson. In my experience, he is the best. You can go to his website and listen to his apps.  His relax app, which I recommend, is free.  I also use his deep sleep app and he is releasing his pain-free app shortly.

Microcurrent (electro-stimulation) therapy for Muscle Spasm:

Microcurrent therapy works well for a pulled muscle.  After an application, the muscle eases itself within 24 hours.  When my back is in muscle spasm this has given me great relief. Microcurrent therapy is a pain relief technique but not an overall healing therapy.

I don’t believe it improves your overall condition or prevents injury but instead eases your pain in your time of need.Microcurrent therapy delivers small amounts of electrical current to the body to ease tight muscles.  Physical therapists and chiropractors often use this technique.

MyoFascial Release Therapy for Muscle Pain:

Myofascial Release Therapy deals with stretching the fascia or tissues that surround the muscles.

I have read theories from doctors who believe that Fibromyalgia is actually an inflammation of the fascia and has nothing to do with our muscles.  I personally ascribe to that theory and believe this treatment could be beneficial.  My Stroga practice is a similar therapy because it focuses on stretching and elongating the muscles – which is similar to myofascial release.

Trigger Point Injections for Pain Relief:

Trigger point injection therapy is used to relieve the pain and stiffness caused by trigger points in your muscles.  In order to relieve trigger point tenderness, a doctor injects the trigger points with a steroid or numbing agent.

Trigger Point Injections are used for Myofascial Pain Syndrome and when Fibromyalgia became more medically accepted as a condition, doctors started using this technique.  I don’t think it’s as popular for Fibromyalgia Patients as it once was but doctors do still recommend it.

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